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canadian imperial bank of commerce

shared financial application

  • Architected and Designed J2EE Infrastructure to provide dynamic wire payment solution to development team.
  • Developed various J2EE components, Business Delegate, Entity Classes, DAO (Data Access Layer Object) and validation engine.
  • Built-in Anti-Money Laundry flag into wire payment system to identify and protect the bank from sending wire to prohibited countries.
  • Wire payment dynamically extends cutoff time to provide additional window time to allow customer to do wire payment in case of system interruptions. 
  • Dynamically locates SWIFT Bank Code for over 150,000 Banks, based on the location and the city of Beneficiary Bank, Corresponding Bank, and Intermediary Bank details. 
  • Integrated the system to communicate with third party messaging queue to send wires using FED and SWIFT standard format.

web brokerage tradeing platform

  • Integrated CIBC Brokerage application with third party financial applications, including Wall Street On Demand (WSOD) and Reuters Financial Application.
  • Designed and implemented J2EE application for integrating two systems using Servlet/JSP and JavaBean components in Web logic Application Server environment.
  • Analyzed and implemented Quotes & Research section of real-time trading application using Struts framework.
  • Designed and developed single sign-on components to seamlessly authenticate and authorize the user to third party application within CIBC platform.
  • Designed and used several J2EE design patterns to de-couple server components between two different tiers, including Front controller, intercepting, Business delegates and Session façade.
  • Provided estimate for small project and assisted analyzing the impact of change request on existing application.
  • Analyzed the performance and security related issues of trading application and monitored day to day performance activities using Http Analyzer, Yslow and firebug.
  • Implemented Servlets/JSP and EJB components for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) application to enhance and increase security for trading Account Opening and Account Maintenance application for internal and external users as part of government mandate.
  • Supported, debugged and solved complex issues of serialization problem in cluster environment and analyzed Weblogic server logs
  • Involved in various meetings and conference calls with business, QA and development teams and analyzed business requirement.
  • Resolved issues for variances and analyzed Web Server transaction logs for “Cash Transfer” and “Quotes and Research” sections to trading platform.
  • Deployed WAR files and shared class libraries on Weblogic Application Server on different environment and edited XML Deployment Descriptor and security role.

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