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SS4IT strives to be recognized by our clients as their partner and expert of choice. Our track record of outstanding delivery, combined with our industry expertise, end-to-end services and Industry standard based solutions, help deliver significant value to our clients’ mission-critical solutions. To do so, we recruit our members from fortune 500 companies and we focus on recruiting people with years of experience and successful track record. Most of our members have 15 – 30 years of IT experience in diverse industries. SS4IT strives to be recognized by our professionals, whom we call members, Our members derive their greatest satisfaction from helping our clients succeed, and are passionate about supporting the well-being of the communities in which we live and work.


SS4IT is different from most companies. We have not only a vision and mission, as other companies do, but we have a dream. A dream:

To create an environment in which we partner and enjoy working together with our customers and our professionals and contribute to building an IT solution we can be proud of.

Our dream embodies two key principles—enjoyment and partnership. We strive to create an environment where our professionals enjoy working with our customers and also feel empowered to provide exceptional solution to our customers.

SS4IT's dedication to our customer is woven into all aspects of our management approach and gives our members the freedom to drive their careers, make decisions in the best interests of our clients, take part in providing exceptional service to our clients’ and drive maximum customer satisfaction.


Guiding the fulfillment of our dream is our vision and mission. SS4IT's vision is as follows:

To be a world class information technology and business process services leader helping our clients succeed.

To achieve this, we've defined our mission as follows:

To help our clients succeed through outstanding quality, competence and objectivity, providing thought leadership and delivering the best solutions to fully satisfy client objectives in information technology, business processes and management. In all we do, we foster a culture of partnership,


SS4IT's values define our core character as a company and guide our daily decisions and interactions.

Objectivity and Integrity Partnership and Quality Interprenership and sharing Respect Corporate citizenship

For us, partnership and quality are both a philosophy and a way of life. We constantly deepen our understanding of our clients' business and we develop and follow the best management practices. We entrench these approaches into client relationship and service delivery frameworks in order to foster long term and strong partnerships with our clients. We listen to our clients and we are committed to their total satisfaction in everything we do.

OUR Success

By understanding and adhering to our Constitution, we work together toward the same goals and continue to achieve the success that's brought us to where we are today. It represents our collective commitment and roadmap for meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders, satisfying our clients' business needs, providing rewarding careers and generating sustainable profitable growth—now and into the future.

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